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Computer Repair

We can help you with any computer problem. We repair desktops and laptops. Most people learn to live with their computer problems. Don't live that way. Let us help.

Spyware & Virus Removal

Spyware, maleware, and virus infections are common reasons that your computer will act strange or start operating slowly. You may be receiving annoying pop-ups or maybe your hard drive is constantly working. These are a couple of signs that your computer is infected. Let us help.

Computer Upgrades

Upgrading a computer is a great way to extend its life for another few years without investing in a new one. In most cases installing more memory, a faster CPU, a new hard drive, and/or a new video card can significantly speed up your system.

New Custom Computers

A custom computer is the best way to get exactly what you want. The components we use in our custom built computers are a higher quality compared to what you find in mass produced machines. Many potential failures can be avoided if you install high quality parts from the start. With proper planning a custom computer can be easily upgraded in the future. We can build you a machine at either end of the performance spectrum and anywhere in between.

Data Recovery

If you think you have lost some data, we have the tools to help you get it back. We can even setup a backup solution for you, so this never happens again.

Tune-ups and Maintenance

Any computer slows down because of the abundant software, plug-ins, and ad-ware installed over time. We will clean your system, scan your hardware for problems, and install any updates your operating system needs.

Network Setup and Repair

We can set up wired or wireless networks so they are secure and easy to use. Sharing printers and files will be easier than ever.

File Management & Backup

We can install a backup system to guard against data loss in the event of a primary hard drive failure. Everyone needs to backup files, but most do not. Let us help you protect your memories. We are increasingly asked to provide more and better backup solutions for our customers, we are happy to say that we also provide secure offsite backup for any of your information whether it be priceless family photos, music or financial information – contact us for more information about onsite and offsite backup.


We will train you or your staff how to efficiently use almost any software application. We will also train you or your staff in basic computer maintenance or networking. This way you don't have to call us every time you need help (even though we are glad to help). You can save money in the long run by doing this. Contact us today to learn if training makes sense for you.

Software & Hardware Setup

If you need an upgrade for your software, a new program installed, or have any hardware you need set up, we can take care of it.

General Computer & Technology Support

We will help you with any technology need or question. From setting up your Blackberry to hooking up a new theater system, we are here to help. Call today and ask.

Web Design & Hosting

I will first say - that I make no claim to be the greatest web designer – I do understand web design and have done quite a lot of it for many customers and myself. I can get you a website that works with the applications you need for your project. I make no assertions to be able to provide the latest, greatest, flashiest website. If you need something that will look good and function at a reasonable cost, I will be happy to work with you. I have many hosting alternatives to offer as well, I can provide everything from a fully turnkey e-commerce business web presence to something you manage and host yourself.

Online Auction Management

I have spoken to many clients that could use help from time to time with online auctions. I have a wide array of solutions available; we can help you with the entire process. Whether you need some nice looking templates, image hosting, or just have a lot of stuff you want to get rid of and need help with managing everything, we have been doing this since the beginning.

Routine System Maintenance

This is a relatively new service we are offering, more and more we are asked to provide regular system maintenance, many are afraid to do a lot of system clean-up, deletion and system optimization without really knowing what the results of their actions will be. We can tailor a solution for you be it a onetime system checkup or a routine weekly, monthly semi annually maintenance plan, we have you covered.

Equipment Recycling & Removal

Recycling and reusing equipment has been a core value of ours since day one more than 20 years now. We believe EVEYTHING is fixable and has use for something. We work with several local universities and their recycling programs, coupled with FreeCycle and craigslist to take in broken or otherwise useless equipment, repair it and return it to the community. What truly cannot be salvaged goes to the local recycling plant that handles electronic goods. Get in touch with us to let us know how to help you with your recycling needs!


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